Awni Nabulsi
Managing Director

Mr. Nabulsi is the founder, and Managing Director of Al Jidara. Mr. Nabulsi has over 30 years of business development, executive, and hands on experience in Policy and Economic Development including Trade and Investment (trade agreements, economic zones, investment promotion and targeting, etc.), SME development, PPPs, competitiveness, access to finance, feasibility, market penetration studies and strategies. Mr. Nabulsi has extensive expertise in business development and advisory experience in Institutional Development including policy development, business environment enhancement, capacity building, workforce development, and community development.

Mr. Nabulsi's experience spans across the Middle East and the US, covering the public, private, and infrastructure sectors. Prior to establishing Al Jidara, Mr. Nabulsi worked in Jordan in tourism and industrial investments and finance, and in the US Washington DC area in engineering and construction consultancy.

Mr. Nabulsi holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from St. Edwards University, and a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

Rami Samman
Managing Partner

Rami Samman is the Managing Partner of Al Jidara with 32 years of experience in Management, Audit and Accounting. He is Finance and Management Expert who holds extensive knowledge in sustainable management of public and private institutions. Rami is also the Managing Partner of BDO Samman and Co. Since the beginning of his career he contributed to Business Expansion, Human Resources Management, Consultations, Change Management and Capacity Building further to being field worker in the implementation of many UN projects in different parts of the world.
Rami is an expert as to business expansion and development consultancies. He conducted numerous feasibility studies, business plans globally, including Europe and Central Asia, East Asia, the Pacific, Eastern and Southern Africa, Latin America, and Caribbean as well as Middle East and North Africa region. He has accumulative in-depth knowledge of business environment and economic context in the MENA region.

During the years of his experience, he was the Tax Commissioner for dozens of companies and the subsequent tax consultant, tax audits and tax decisions. Also, he was, for several years, an expert elected by the tax courts in Jordan. Rami is a Jordanian Certified Public Accountant (JCPA) since 1993.

Azzam Hamaideh
Consulting Director

Azzam Hamaideh is a Consulting Director at Al Jidara with over 16 years of experience in managing development projects including Sustainable Development projects as well as conducting research and specialized studies.

He is experienced in organizational strengthening through the development of internal systems and procedures in the areas of Procurement, Production Controls, Asset management, and Risk Management. He has a solid experience in Water Management and Renewable Energy solutions, worked on several water value analysis for major projects and developments in Jordan and the Middle East, and conducted feasibility studies and life cycle cost analysis for using water management and alternative power sources such as renewable energy. 

Wafa’a Abu-Samra
Senior Consulting Manager

Wafa’a Abu-Samra, PhD is a Senior Consulting Manager at Al Jidara with over than 13 years of experience in Project Management, Development, and Finance fields. She is a certified PMP, EFQM and TOT.  She has an accumulative expertise in strategy, restructuring projects, accreditation programs, energy efficiency projects, gender mainstreaming activities and climate change matters. As per her analytical and managerial strengths, she contributed to several projects and training programs in the MENA region. 

During her years of experience, she was the Focal point for international projects managed by Cities and Villages development Bank (CVDB) where she also managed different projects financed by donors targeting Jordanian municipalities and working with local communities in order to enhance citizen livelihood. 
She believes in the importance of woman participation in the economic and political process and working voluntarily with different local NGOs and municipalities to improve woman participation and effective role. She is a member of Jordan forum for business & professional women associations and a cofounder of Woman in Board- Jordan.