Water Reuse and Environmental Conservation Project

Water Reuse and Environmental Conservation Project

The Water Reuse and Environmental Conservation Project funded by USAID addresses the urgent need to protect and conserve scarce resources through regulation, education, and coordination with industry, local communities and the private sector in Jordan. The project supports the improvement of the regulatory environment; industry training and networking on pollution prevention and environmental management; landfill and “hot spot” rehabilitation; and water reuse to support community livelihoods. The project engages the Ministry of Environment (MoE), Jordanian industrial sector, and various players in the environmental domain in the public and private sector in 4 major tasks.

Al Jidara Services

Al Jidara consultants lead Task 1: Strengthening the institutional enforcement and regulatory capacity of the Ministry of Environment (MoE) and Task 2: Pollution prevention and industrial water management, as well as the cross-cutting tasks of Communications & Public Outreach, Gender, and Information Outreach. Al Jidara consultants also provide short-term technical expertise to support Task 1 and Task 2 in the areas of institutional development, strategy, financial analysis, Environmental Management Systems (EMS), M&E, accreditation, and more.

Institutional and Regulatory Strengthening

Provide technical support to enhance the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Environment (MoE). Work under this task entails conducting thorough assessments of the Ministry’s current capacity, including human resources, systems, policies and procedures, gender considerations, and more. These assessments are used to design specific interventions within the Ministry of Environment designed to build and enhance the ministry’s internal and technical capacity for its enforcement roles. Relevant interventions include designing and implementing training programs for ministry staff, streamlining of internal business processes, upgrading select IT systems,  and institution of an information management strategy.

Capacity Building for national laboratories to achieve accreditation on ISO/IEC 17025

Perform a comprehensive evaluation of existing national laboratory capacity for industrial waste analysis, then select three laboratories to achieve accreditation in the field of waste water (WW) and industrial waste water (IWW) analysis and develop the management systems and enhance the technical competence of the three labs to meet the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025 and the Jordanian Accreditation System.

Environmental Excellence Award

Lead the design, planning of the National Industrial Recognition Awards for Exemplary Environmental Performance. This is carried out in collaboration with the King Abdullah Center for Excellence.

Knowledge Management

Al Jidara supports the Environmental Compliance Database (ECD) initiative at the Ministry of Environment  that aims to consolidate and replace redundant paper archives in the ministry’s directorates, backup all vital paper records, and most significantly, provide the basis for the ‘industrial entity environmental record. Also, provide technical support for the web-based Industrial Knowledge Portal (The Network for Jordanian Industrial Sustainability) to provide a comprehensive knowledge base and collaboration platform for Jordanian industry to promote environmental compliance.

Pollution Prevention and Industrial Water Management

Prepare  and conduct a survey to identify key industrial polluters, and industries which are major consumers of water and energy from industrial waste generators, industrial energy and water consumers, and industries contributing wastewater to treatment & disposal facilities such as the Al-Ekeder and Ain Ghazal facilities, and other disposal systems; Select candidate industrial facilities to be participants in the Project for implementing Pollution Prevention (P2) and water and energy conservation measures; Actively engage with  industrial facilities to identify opportunities, and promote sustainable industrial water and energy use and conservation measures, country-wide, by developing and disseminating tools for improved environmental management systems (EMS) and designing pollution prevention (P2) activities at selected industrial sites; Conduct training in best practices for water and energy conservation, P2 measures, and environmental management systems in selected industrial sectors.  

Communications & Outreach

Lead the communications and outreach cross-cutting component. Tasks include:  develop  a comprehensive Public Outreach and Communications Plan, including communications and outreach strategies, methodology, for implementation activities for the Network for Jordanian Industry; Provide  planning and support to project’s preparations for stakeholder consultation workshops, outreach activities, communities of knowledge and more; Develop project communication tools including logo design, brochures, web content, presentations, and more.