Al Jidara supports vulnerable and disadvantaged areas to build stronger and more resilient communities, by empowering individuals and social institutions. To achieve that, Al Jidara facilitates a participatory grassroots approach to local governance and decision-making, with the aim of engaging stakeholders, prioritizing needs, executing projects, and instituting accountability measures.

Featured Projects:

  • Institutionalize participatory planning processes and shared accountability between community and government.
  • Expand the capacities of civil society organization and local governments to address community challenges.
  • Enhance cooperation between government and civil society members to build stronger and more resilient communities.
  • Mainstream gender and youth in community development efforts.
  • Develop impact assessment methodology and measurement tools for community cohesion and resilience.
  • Facilitate the formulation of community development teams and taskforces .
  • Support the implementation of priority projects defined by local communities.