Al Jidara is experienced in formulating PPP scenarios in addition to devising development strategies using participatory approaches to enhance local governance. It also provides support to small and micro businesses in a holistic fashion including mentoring, developing business plans and marketing strategies, securing funding, and improving product and technical development. Al Jidara offers distinctive capabilities and experience in the fields of Public-Private Partnerships; Local Development Strategies; Socioeconomic Impact Assessment; Community Mobilization; Municipal Services; and Capacity Building.

Featured Projects:

  • Devise local economic development strategies for a number of Governorates.
  • Conduct socioeconomic impact assessments of projects.
  • Develop business plans for small and micro businesses.
  • Improve supervisory and management skills of municipal employees.
  • Support the establishment and growth of small and micro businesses.
  • Build the capacity of municipal local government, with an emphasis on local councils, to be more representative of and responsive to citizens, to deliver higher quality public services, and to better advocate for municipal development.
  • Ensure effective, sustainable management of municipal development programs.
  • Increase citizen participation, with an emphasis on women, in local and national electoral politics.
  • Raise civic awareness of and involvement in local level government decision-making.
  • Establish effective private-public partnerships for development at the local level.