Al Jidara has experience in formulating workforce development policies and strategies, within the context of local and national economic development programs and initiatives. In this domain, Al Jidara also supports institutional development and capacity building efforts aimed at improving employment prospects and business start-up. Al Jidara’s experience also includes assessing and evaluating workforce development interventions and labor market programs.

Featured Projects:

  • Assess employment outcomes of infrastructure projects both qualitatively and quantitatively in Jordan, Tunisia, and Morocco.
  • Conduct a mid-term review of the Jordan Decent Work Country Program.
  • Conduct the final evaluation of the first phase of Better Work Jordan project.
  • Support the formulation of Jordan’s National Employment Strategy Action Plan, including setting impact targets for each action, and developing the 80 projects that fall under the National Employment Strategy.
  • Assess the organizational capacity of Employment Offices across the country, and develop a model one-stop-shop employment office.
  • Streamline government employment services through an in-depth mapping and analysis of government employment service.
  • Review of the E-TVET performance assessment system and introduce new set of indicators at the sector level.
  • Develop a regulatory framework to legalize businesses operating from home and support start-ups and businesses with special needs.
  • Analyze labor, unemployment, wages, and gender data to produce a comprehensive understanding of labor market dynamics and trends.
  • Develop competency based training curriculum for university students to bridge the gap between the output of education and labor market needs.
  • Establish career development centers at universities, and internship programs.
  • Design workforce development activities targeted at youth to increase their employability skills and support job matching initiatives.
  • Lead initiatives to increase women’s participation in the economy by supporting and building the capacity of women associations and create job opportunities for women in the governorates.
  • Support the integration of women into the workforce through the use of ICT tools.