Al Jidara works on supporting growth and development within the overall context of enhancing the competitiveness of the private sector at the cluster, sector and firm levels. Our experience spans across supporting the establishment of government bodies to monitor the competitiveness of varied sectors; developing investment promotion and targeting functions, facilitating access to international markets; stimulating SME lending; building the capacity of SMEs, and initiating business planning processes through training and mentorship interventions; and providing SMEs with skills and advisory support to develop strategic thinking and business planning.

Featured Projects:

  • Conduct competitiveness and cluster analyses.
  • Conduct a full diagnostics and analysis of the status of entrepreneurship in Jordan.
  • Support business associations in devising and implementing work plans and strategies.
  • Facilitate private-public sector dialogue.
  • Conduct feasibility studies for a variety of projects in the energy, transport and tourism sectors
  • Advise and assist the Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation in establishing a Monitoring and Evaluation Unit to track its performance and evaluate the effectiveness of its support to SMEs.
  • Develop a tool kit to facilitate access to international markets by Jordanian SMEs.
  • Develop export guidelines for select markets and sectors.
  • Study new approaches to stimulate SME lending from banks.
  • Provide capacity building for a number of SMEs to initiate the business planning processes.
  • Conduct comprehensive market studies to identify new growth opportunities in the pharmaceutical, garments and BPO sectors.