Al Jidara played a key role in critical multi-year development programs, including the current USAID Jordan Gender Project (Takamol). Through these programs, Al Jidara developed and implemented tools to empower women economically, socially, culturally, and politically in order to help them overcome challenges they face in accessing and benefiting from varied resources.

Featured Projects

  • Worked with women-led CBOs to assess and tackle disparities in access, control over and benefit from resources for women.
  • Presented women with suitable opportunities, training, and grant schemes to empower them.
  • Planned and implemented LED activities with strong gender mainstreaming considerations, by ensuring strong female representation in regional councils.
  • Supported various governmental institutions to develop projects and activities as part of Jordan’s National Employment Strategy (2012-2020). Projects include the institution of part-time employment, and work from home; nationwide campaign targeted at the participation of women in select sectors such as nursing, tourism, ICT and commerce; and improving vocational and technical training for women to support their employment in those sectors.
  • Conducted two studies to track the progress of women's participation in the ICT space for UN Women.
  • Currently working on limiting the spread of GBV, and child labor among Syrians, and mitigating their impact on the local communities that are hosting them.
  • Currently working with communities to raise awareness and promote attitude-shifting dialogue on gender equality while supporting partners in civil society and government to make specific improvements in conditions for women.