Enabling organizations to improve their competitiveness, optimize their performance, and enhance service delivery through market and competitiveness analysis; strategic planning; optimization of the human capital; streamlining internal processes; improving service efficiency and transparency; and implementing organizational performance management systems. This is achieved by applying a deep understanding of the local context and the regulatory framework, and utilizing best practices and tools in business process management and organizational restructuring.

Featured Projects:

  • Streamlining the operations of the One-Stop-Shop at the Jordan Investment Board.
  • Developing the business registration and permitting system at the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority.
  • Supporting the Greater Amman Municipality in designing an investor-friendly Building Permitting Process.
  • Streamlining business property registration at the Land and Survey Department.
  • Assessing the licensing process at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.
  • Restructuring ministries and government institutions including the Prime Ministry, economic and social ministries.
  • Develop Dead Sea Development Company Organizational Structure and Human Capital Management System.
  • Developing Organizational Structure and Human Capital Management for Development and Free Zones Commission.
  • Assist the Development Zones Commission in implementing the Institutional Development Framework.
  • Institutional development and capacity building for the Ministry of Environment .
  • Start-up, capacity building and internal structures for various business associations and syndicates in Aqaba .
  • Identify key improvement priorities and recommendations for enhancement for the Jordanian Ombudsman Bureau and the Judicial Council’s Judge’s Affairs unit and Secretariat based on an assessment of its organizational structure and operations.
  • Developing a governance structure for the Aqaba Development Corporation.
  • Recommending best practices for the Palestinian Industrial Estates and Free Zones Authority.
  • Developing a One Stop Shop for Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority to facilitate Enterprise Registration and Permitting.