Green Energy Phase (2)


The overarching objective of this assignment was to support MFW in achieving its green energy initiative. Al Jidara supported the Fund in developing a viable green energy financial product (In Arabic - "تمويل طاقتي") and built the capacity of relevant staff members to become effective agents, not only for marketing the newly developed products, but also for raising awareness and instilling a green culture in its target markets. Al Jidara carefully reviewed the assessment conducted during phase I of MFW’s Green Energy Initiative to develop a clear understanding of the financing needs of MFW’s targeted segments; and to bring in key differentiators that outperform current competition. Al Jidara provided MFW with a grant proposal template which enabled the product to have zero interest rate ranking their competitive edge towards the top.

Al Jidara prepared a comparative analysis of all active micro finance institutions (MFIs) and lending corporations that have delivered green energy-based services to their clients. Furthermore, Al Jidara designed a risk and reward assessment of this new financial product. After the concept ideation phase had been approved, including the M&E Plan, Risk and Reward Assessment, and the first round of capacity building and training workshops had been implemented, Al Jidara went on to identify major players within the Jordanian renewable energy market. This effort was bolstered through securing specially tailored agreements with these partners, in order to offer MFW’s beneficiaries the best systems and at the best rates. Additionally, Al Jidara developed a comprehensive M&E Plan, with clear KPIs to create sustainability for this product. We designed a prototype, including a product pilot protocol which served to appropriately roll-out the product across all selected pilot branches across MFW’s geographical reach within the kingdom.