The Local Governance Development Program (LGDP)

The Local Governance Development Program (LGDP) is a two year program designed to empower local government and enhance citizen participation in local level decision-making in nine selected municipalities in Jordan. The program’s objectives are to build the capacity of municipal local government, with an emphasis on local councils, to be more representative of and responsive to citizens, to deliver higher quality public services, and to better advocate for municipal development;  ensure effective, sustainable management of municipal development programs; and increase citizen participation, with an emphasis on women, in local and national electoral politics; establish effective private-public partnerships for development at the local level.

LGDP is one of two programs funded by the MCC Threshold Program to help Jordan reach the eligibility criteria for the larger MCC Compact grants..

Al Jidara Services

Al Jidara consultants hold several long-term key positions, both managerial and technical, as described below. Additionally, the Deputy Chief of Party conceptualizes and oversees the implementation of innovative and technically sound program activities at the national and municipal levels across nine municipalities; and works with the Chief of Party to ensure compliance with all USAID financial and administrative requirements.

  • The Public Private Partnership Component Leader leads the design of the Public Private Partnership strategy document to be adopted by municipalities in Jordan and design the PPP Tool kit that provides detailed guidance for municipalities to initiate and implement Public Private Partnerships. 
  • The Municipalities’ Capacity Building Specialist coordinates projects within the overall municipal strengthening component including delivery of the Municipal Management and Supervisory Skills (MMSS) training program, development of and training on a modern HR Guide/Manual, and design and launch of a Quality Service Improvement Programme (QSIP).
  • The Municipal Liaison Specialists provide active engagement in the rapid field appraisals to assist in identifying and prioritizing municipal needs for technical assistance and serve as the regular point of contact connecting the needs of the municipalities with the resources and expertise of the program.
  • The Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist manages the program’s monitoring and evaluation system and works with the newly formed Association of Municipalities to develop monitoring and evaluation systems for their organization.
  • The Finance, Accounting & Contracts Officer leads the monitoring and implementation of the LGDP grants and subcontracts portfolio valued approximately USD $6 million, ensuring compliance with applicable grant or contract terms.

AL Jidara also provides short term professionals in the areas across all components with more emphasis on capacity building, institutional development, training and gender. Examples of short-term consultancies include: