Remote Training Services on Building Business Planning Capacity for Women-Led entities


Under the USAID Syria Essential Services (SES II) program, Al Jidara is working remotely to build the capacity of women-led community organizations and local councils in an effort to promote community cohesion, resilience, and to strengthen their capacity to provide business opportunities to those in their communities.

To support this initiative, Al Jidara strengthened the capacity of a Women’s Community Center in Busra Al-Sham and conducted remote training to qualify their members to start-up their organizations and deliver services to their communities. Subsequently, and due to the success of the pilot, Al Jidara expanded the training to beneficiaries in 19 communities in both Southern and Northeast Syria. As a result of our training, 13 CSOs in and six local councils in the Northeast selected an income generating activity, for example, food production to improve the security of their households. Through this work, we trained remotely from our office in Amman, Jordan and managed up to three parallel training sessions per day. We developed SOPs and guidance in how to adapt to issues related to connectivity, and keeping trainees engaged in such situations.