Review of National Policy, Legislative and Regulatory Frameworks, and Practice

Al Jidara conducted both secondary research as well as sixteen KIIs and eight focus group discussions in order to understand current legislation and regulations impacting Syrian refugee access to labour markets in Jordan. The first phase of the research included a literature review conducted using secondary research on policy, legislation and regulations, and their implementation and also includes a Gap Analysis which highlights implementation gaps, as well as needs and expectations. The second phase of the research included key informant interviews with identified national (national and governorate level) and international actors in order to assess the practical application of policy, legislative and regulatory frameworks and identify challenges and with refugees and host communities in Amman, Mafraq, Zarqa and Irbid, to assess their knowledge and understanding of these policy, legislative and regulatory frameworks. The findings were compiled into a final country-level research report alongside a series of recommendations for policy changes and implementation alignment.

Al Jidara’s identified relevant policies, legislation and regulations in Jordan and analyzed them in regard to the refugees’ access to employment, livelihood, and training opportunities, and to rights at work. We also identified and reviewed literature and secondary data sources on policy, legislation and regulations in Jordan, and assess their actual implementation on the ground, thereby avoiding duplication of existing legal reviews and studies and leveraging these sources where relevant. Additionally, Al Jidara conducted a gap analysis, key informant interviews of identified national and international actors, focus group discussions in 4 governorates, and a validation exercise in Jordan to ensure the establishment of key recommendations. Finally, Al Jidara developed Jordan country level report that summarizes the main findings and recommendations for the PROSPECTS programme at the country level.