USAID Promoting the Voice and Leadership of Women (PVLW) Activity


PVLW shares power, authority, commitment, accountability, and resources— by elevating Jordanian voices and progress in economic, social, and political support for women. PVLW is fueled by the lessons learned and successes of women’s activism and empowerment, economic development, and gender equality programs, locally, regionally, and globally, and builds on the significant capacities, knowledge, and experiences of the government, the private sector, CSOs, and activists to sustain the hard-fought gains and increase impact.   Al Jidara is responsible to lead activities to strengthen targeted Government of Jordan (GOJ) institutions to design, implement, and oversee their implementation of the NSW. Al Jidara is leading the efforts to strengthen the institutional capacity of selected GoJ ministries, to ensure that the selected governmental institutions are actively meeting their country and global gender equality commitments. Al Jidara’s role in Tawazon includes strengthening the institutional capacity of selected GoJ operating units in areas such as institutional performance, human resources, code of conduct, and monitoring and evaluation (M&E). Additionally, Al Jidara leads activities that support the GoJ gender units’ capacity to implement and monitor gender strategies in line with the NSW while supporting the development of gender strategies.