Support the DFZC in implementing an Institutional Development Framework

Provision of technical assistance to ensure the effective and efficient implementation of the Institutional Development Framework following the successful development of their strategic plan. This project entailed the development of management systems and standard operating procedures in addition to conducting on-job training, coaching, and mentorship in a dedicated and participatory approach for the DFZC staff to assure long term sustainability and institutionalization of the business model. This project included the following assignments:

a)             DFZC Strategic Plan

Enhancing  DFZC’s 3-year strategic plan that is anchored with its new mandate and responsibilities as per the  amended Development Zones Law and its contribution to the achievement of the National Agenda goals, royal initiatives, government’s plans and the national investment framework to improve DFZC’s value proposition to attract developers and tenants, and improve Jordan’s competitive positioning..

B)            Monitoring and Evaluation System

Cascading the strategic plan into an implementation project based action plan that is tied to an effective and efficient internal performance monitoring and evaluation mechanism. This assignment included the development of an electronic system to manage the projects, monitor their progress, evaluate performance, and present regular monitoring reports to ensure effective decision-making by the board of commissioners.

C)             DFZC Human Capital Management System (HCM)

Revisiting the HCM strategy, policies, and processes to comply with DFZC’s approved legislations.  Conduct training, and coaching the HR Directorate staff involved in the implementation of the HCM System. This assignment entailed conducting functional analysis, reviewing organizational structure and job descriptions, training needs assessment, and enhancing performance management system.