Transfer Economic Modeling Knowledge to MOICT’s Economic Unit

Building on the analysis and reporting needs identified in the Charter and information needs analysis, three econometric models were devised to measure the size and impact of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector in Jordan. Industry-standard methodology were used to develop models, and specify data inputs and model parameters along with data outputs to describe the economic impact, as well as testing and refining of the models with actual data. Provided methodologies and outlines for narrative reports summarizing data analysis and provide examples of practical analytical studies and policy briefs, which would be produced by the Economic Unit staff to support MoICT decision-making process by senior policy-makers. Transferred economic modeling knowledge to the Economic Unit staff and developed their capacity to disseminate statistics appropriately and fully, and to maximize operational and strategic usage of the available statistics to achieve policy objectives through continued on-the-job-training for the Economic Unit researchers on modeling procedures.