USAID Fiscal Reform and Public Financial Management

USAID Fiscal Reform and Public Financial Management

The purpose of the 4.5 year FRPFM Activity is to promote sound fiscal and public financial management practices in Jordan to preserve macroeconomic stability, and create an environment that supports broad-based and inclusive economic growth.


FRPFM’s approach is designed to advance fundamental shifts in Jordan’s PFM framework. This project is designed to focus not only on direct technical assistance to improve policies, practices, and tools, but also on creating the conditions for improving internal capacity in undertaking reforms.

The FRPFM Activity combines diverse and deep technical expertise with an understanding of the Jordanian environment to support a modern, resilient PFM system.  The Project is working closely with the Minister and the ministry leadership to identify PFM functional and system gaps, establish priorities and build the ministries capacities to full sustainability.


The Fiscal Reform & Public Financial Management Activity applies their approach through the following activities:


  1. Improve revenue performance through effective tax policy and administration. Implement key performance indicators and process enhancement for tax administration services and provide recommendations to strengthen tax policy analysis and fiscal forecasting.

  2. Improve budget efficiency and transparency. Implement international public sector accounting standards to strengthen internal controls and improve audits. Support the rollout of public financial management standard operating procedures and reporting practices. Build the capacity of public private partnership unit ability to bring private sector financing to serve the public good.

  3. Increase fiscal sustainability through structural reforms. Develop fiscal policy formulation and execution capability to execute and manage government debt.  Support governorate fiscal management implementation of the Decentralization Law. Improve public-private dialogue and outreach.

  4. Develop human and institutional accountability to sustain fiscal reforms. Develop strategic planning capacity to assess institutional performance and manage functional performance. Implement on-the-job training, the implementation of a more-focused fiscal curriculum, and development of a cadre of subject matter experts to deliver skill building in support of the MoF strategic plan.


Al Jidara occupies the following positions and services that underlay them:


  • Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor

  • Organizational Design Specialist

  • Public Private Dialogue Coordinator

  • Legal and Regulatory Advisor

  • GFMIS Specialist